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Thor: Ragnarok Trailer 1

Thor: Ragnarok Teaser


Chris Hemsworth will forever be known as Thor, the god of thunder. Thor: Ragnarok is his third solo entry in the franchise on top of the two Avengers ensemble movies. He knows how to use his charm and mighty strength to get himself out of any situation. He manages to escape from the fire demon Surfur and learns his father Odin (Hopkins) is no longer on their home planet of Asgard. Brother Loki (Hiddleston) has banished him to New York City, but when they arrive they find out he's no longer there. With a little help from a friend (no spoilers!), they are sent to Norway where they're finally reunited with their father who is nearing his final days. Odin reveals they have a long-lost sister, Hela, who is hell bent on revenge. With Cate Blanchett sporting a fierce black suit and a horn-filled helmet, you know she means business. The film's title "Ragnarok" refers to the fall of Asgard. Hela is the goddess of death and the rightful heir to the throne. She's not one to be messed with, as Asgard isn't her only goal. She can take down full armies hoping to rule over every realm in the universe. It's not an easy trip back to Asgard for Thor who finds himself stuck on the planet Sakaar. He is unwillingly thrust into the ring as the latest opponent to take on the reigning champion of an arena-style fight. That champion is his good old buddy, The Incredible Hulk (Ruffalo). Once Thor and Hulk manage to make their way out of Sakaar, it's a race against time for them to stop Hela before she destroys Asgard.

Thor has previously been the beefy serious Avenger, but in this film, we get the playful more comedic side of the character. Don't worry; he's still as beefy as ever. His trusty hammer and flowing locks are long gone, so he's left scrambling to find some new tactics. The overall tone falls more in line with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies than the other Thor or Avengers movies. The film is practically all CGI exploding with colors, textures, creatures of all shapes and sizes, and cosmic sorcery all set in a very techno inspired world thanks to the score by Mark Mothersbaugh. Even with a villain as wicked as Hela, it's rarely doom and gloom-a stark contrast to what their rival DC is doing with their superhero universe.

Actor/director Taika Waititi, best known for the vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows, brings that very self-aware tone to the forefront. As a whole, the writing team doesn't seem all that concerned with advancing the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a plot sense. Sure, there are mentions of the Infinity Stones and the last Avengers movie, but it's all in passing. Ragnarok is a kick butt, joyous side movie that will easily please the fans. The comedy is ever present with very cheeky dialogue and physical comedy gags, particularly in the gladiator scenes between Thor and Hulk. There are jokes about wearing Tony Stark's tight pants and what the Hulk looks like naked. It's total buffoonery and makes no apologies for it.

Marvel has never skimped when it comes to finding just the right cast for their heroes and villains. Chris Hemsworth has proven before he can handle comedy with his role in Ghostbusters and stints hosting Saturday Night Live. Here he gets to flex those chops in almost every scene he gets. Mark Ruffalo also gets to have more fun as the Hulk. Once he returns into Bruce Banner's body, we get to see a more confused side of Banner, but one that comes with this childlike wonder that hasn't been explored in past. Those returning to the franchise include: Tom Hiddleston as Loki, one of the best Marvel villains to date, Anthony Hopkins' Odin, and Idris Elba as Heimdall, the hidden hero of Asgard.

Giving them all a run for their money are the new players, especially Cate Blanchett. The two-time Oscar winner (The Aviator, Blue Jasmine) is wickedly good, as she always is, as the film's token villain. You can tell Blanchett is having the time of her life as she can let loose and play into the over-the-top villain angle. Jeff Goldblum takes on the role of Grandmaster who is in charge of the planet Sakaar. Goldblum is one of the few actors I can think of that can play a parody of himself and have it work in every movie. He adds a bit more flamboyance to the Grandmaster than in other roles, and you just want more of him throughout. Tessa Thompson (Creed) is another great addition to the cast as the bounty hunter Valkyrie.

Marvel has kept some of their recent films like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Captain America: Civil War grounded on Earth where the stakes are a bit more tangible. I tend to gravitate toward those films a bit more if I were to rank the Marvel movies. That's not to say that Taika Waititi's approach to Thor: Ragnarok should not be applauded. Sure, the plot is fairly simplistic but he went all out it taking a character in the complete opposite direction. It's a necessary step if you going to continue cranking these movies out. Ragnarok is all dazzle and charm with a winning cast whose energy radiates onto the audience in a Hulk-size way. Overall, Thor: Ragnarok aka Chapter 17 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a jolly great time in IMAX, especially the brief appearance of Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange, somebody please tell Marvel to use Cameo's "She Strange" song and change it to "He's Strange", because when he puts on that "Pimp Cape", it works so perfectly!!! I will be picking up the Steelbook 3D Blu-Ray Collector's Edition (Yes, the 3D Blu-Ray will be formatted in IMAX) at Best Buy!!! I will be seeing this again very soon!!! A very High FULL PRICE rating!!!


Justice League: Trailer 2

Justice League Trailer 1


This is the review of a comic book fan whose dream came to the big screen. Also, on that note, I'd like to point out that going into this movie expecting some Oscar masterpiece is just wrong (and it's not the movie's fault) as it is just a comic book movie and a pretty decent on.

The first thing I should point out is that WB and DC listened to the complaints about Batman v Superman and chose a lighter, funnier tone for this movie even though a character like batman isn't suited for it. The jokes were good when they came from the right direction (e.g. Flash) but felt a little forced when they didn't.  Batman's first scene was not quite as good as the warehouse scene in Batman v Superman, but it was up there. Really perfect Batman, I really hope Ben Affleck keeps pressing on as the Cape Crusader, yes, this is the best on screen Batman we have in the DCEU!!! He spends the rest of the movie with Wonder Woman as the mom and dad of the team. He also shows how he’s two steps ahead with a specific scene halfway through the movie.

Flash was awkward and star struck. And freaking hilarious. He has a lot of subtle one-liners that I loved. His awkward attempts at friendship were funny, and him and Cyborg being like the interns of the team was fantastic. Ezra Miller finally sold me on being that character.  Aquaman was an outsider who was trying to hide his insecurities. He also has the funniest moment in the movie. This was just a really interesting take on Aquaman. We finally have a kick ass Aquaman that doesn’t ride sea horses and wears orange and green spandex. Jason Momoa was freakin’ fantastic!!!

Wonder Woman was still overcoming her trauma from WWI and losing her lover. She kept fearlessly jumping into danger, and it was great seeing how by the end of the movie Batman of all people had inspired her to become more of a hero than she ever has been.  I didn't care about Cyborg at all leading up to this movie but was actually surprised to enjoy him here. He was the iPhone of the team and it was actually interesting.

And man, I have to say that Superman’s return was badass!!! He has some mind-blowing things that I don't want to spoil, and the end shows why he's the superhero other superheroes look up to. To me, Justice is finally being done to Superman, hands down, Cavill is THE BEST on-screen representation of Superman ever!!! I’m a Batman fan and I can’t believe I just said that!!!

Overall the film is good though and, to an extent, it delivers most of the things people wished to see. The reason I wrote this review is because I saw all the 2-star and 3/10 grades and I think the critics who are bashing it are probably not comic book-movies fans or they were just looking for something else entirely. The little-under-2-hours runtime may have led to some parts of the storytelling being rushed and I don't understand this decision, to me, as usual, it's Warner Brothers screwing Zack Snyder over again, hopefully, if I know Zack Snyder, there will be an Extended Cut in March 2018 on 4K Ultra Blu-Ray.

This movie is everything you expect a superhero movie to be. It is a true comic book movie. Movie is not perfect for sure. It has its flaws and choppy editing. But what works is the heart of this movie. This movie brings this heroes together in a perfect way. The thing this movie delivers is team-work, heart and humor and that's all I ever demanded from this movie. Superhero movies have always had a problem with bland villains, and Steppenwolf is no exception. But I'm actually glad they didn't spend too much time on the villain when who I really care about is the Justice League, so Steppenwolf honestly didn't really bother me, but I will say he was way better than the villains in Wonder Woman, Ludendorff and Doctor Poison aka Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bulwinkle! And seriously, I don't understand the hate from critic community for this movie when in previous year critics ripped apart the DCEU and when they finally delivered what audience and critics always wanted "HEART HUMOR AND HEROISM", still there is so much hate for this movie and it really doesn't make any sense. This movie was great guys and I highly recommend you to watch it. Note to DC: You really don’t need 3D in any of your films, I watched this in IMAX last night and I’m ready to buy the Extended Edition on 4K Ultra Blu-Ray, please stick around for the post-credits, well worth the wait!!! Low FULL PRICE!!!


Star Wars Episode VIII Trailer

Star Wars Episode VIII Teaser


As a lifelong fan of the series I thought the Force Awakens was great, however, it did kind of rehash a couple of things from the original trilogy, but I understand that they were introducing the world and story to a new generation so I waited patiently for a deeper, more complex sequel in the vain of The Empire Strikes Back, which was the darker, brooding cousin of Star Wars (and this is why it was my favorite in the original trilogy).

The Last Jedi completely delivered on expanding and building the world, bringing out the fun textures I always loved about the original trilogy (the wacky creatures, weird space jazz in the casino), introducing New ships, New worlds. Visually I don't think they could have done better. I thought Leia's character was good, however, underused in The Force Awakens whereas in The Last Jedi we see the complex, evolved person she would have become after struggling for so many years. She is much more pivotal in this entry to the series and to see her playing off each character was extremely gratifying. As for Luke Skywalker, I always thought the original trilogy made his ascension to Jedi Knight appear easy, and I didn't especially like what he brought to the series. I could not have been more surprised by who he has become in this film. Director Rian Johnson illustrates this consistently through the film in an age of films about Heroes where there is little grey area. With every loss Rian Johnson boils Star Wars down to a reduced state where there is but a tiny glimmer of hope, and a whole set of new characters (because it can't just be a story about the Skywalkers for ever and ever) asking more complex questions. The potential moving forward is enormous and really no one can say what will happen next. Isn't that what is exciting about filmmaking, or do we want to all be spoonfed, worn out cinematic clichés? I'm going to see this movie again at least once while it is in theatres and I expect in retrospect this will be one of those complex, where dark films people say "everyone hated this film when it came out but with time it has proven to be one of the best in the series."

Overall, The Last Jedi is visually stunning (I don't think Star Wars has ever looked this good), emotional (for several reasons), funny without being over the top, and John Williams has done a great job once again. Some questions that have been around for the past couple years get answered. A couple characters have some amazing eye-opening moments. Some characters story goes a path most likely not anticipated but for this story/trilogy is perfect (which is all that matters).

It's a long movie and doesn't have dead spots, if anything, there is a ton and a half crammed into that 2.5 hours. It's truly a race from the beginning to the end both in the pacing and in the actual story. It picks up right after the events of Episode 7. In the past we didn't get to see the Empire attack Yavin after the rebels destroyed the Death Star. Now we get to see how the First Order immediately responds to Starkiller Base getting destroyed. It also picks up right on the cliff side when Rey was handing Luke his lightsaber. It's not like this movie is a sequel that takes place months or years later, it's more like, here is the next scene that is a matter of hours later. I didn't think the movie felt rushed, well, maybe just a bit at one spot, but it might be because of it being a first viewing and there is so much to take in. That being said, this movie has a lot of substance and there will be a lot to chew on and digest over several viewings.

It ends in a way that there will only be a couple questions going into Episode 9 and it sets up that movie to be a clean slate finale to the trilogy, meaning nothing is really lingering to be wrapped up in the next film with the exception of the main characters story. A lot gets wrapped up in this chapter.

I loved it, this is a great Star Wars movie, and I would easily put it up very close to the top of the list. It's a perfect next chapter in "THIS" Star Wars saga, which is important, visually it's #1. Knowing now how Rian Johnson handled this film, I am really looking forward to his new trilogy that Lucasfilm/Disney gave him control to create, and this movie is the reason they game it to him. BETTER THAN SEX rating!!!






Black Panther Teaser 2018